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“The level of service provided by Snacks & Stuff far exceeds
any previous vending company that has serviced our employees.” 

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Snacks and Stuff Vending is a local vending company that has been servicing clients throughout Connecticut for the past 27 years. We specialize in providing customized vending programs for each of our clients. Because we only provide service to Hartford County, Connecticut companies, our client’s service-needs can always be met on a timely basis. This sets us apart from other vendors who spread their service territory over hundreds of miles.

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Vending is an important employee benefits program, but managing it can take away from your current job responsibilities. Do you really have the time to think about vending machines, service calls, outdated food items, or yet another complaint? Do you feel that your current vending provider is failing you? If so, you should consider Snacks and Stuff Vending for your day-to-day vending needs.


SNACKS AND STUFF's service program emphasizes total customer satisfaction, responsiveness, communication and innovation. Our Snacks and Stuff Vending program is supported with seasoned industry professionals, name brand products and state-of-the-art vending equipment. Including cashless options for added convenience and a better overall experience.

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